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Welcome to the website for the Law Offices of Sayson and Associates. We are a small, boutique law firm dedicated to providing world-class legal services to artists, visionaries, professionals and business entities of all sizes in the spheres of traditional entertainment, evolving new media and the vanguard space where the two meet and overlap. In a competitive business climate where ideas are currency, it is imperative that you work with an experienced law firm that knows how to protect your interests. Our attorneys are experienced expert negotiators who know how to achieve optimal results for our clients.
Featured Client:
Floor 84 Studio and F84 Games has been a client for over 10 years.  Located in North Hollywood, CA, F84 is a creative design studio and video game developer.  Initially acting as their legal representatives on several different matters, we now serve as general counsel for F84 advising them in the following areas:  contract negotiations for interactive games production and evolving new media, copyright and trademark matters, employment matters and LLC business operations.
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